Failing Forward

Don’t be a Negatron, Be an Optimist Prime!

This morning, around 1am, we had a training conducted by one of my colleagues. The post title is the same title of the topic which is from the book of John Maxwell. It’s a great training because you can really relate to every information presented. So I decided to blog this and share it to all of you not to make you change but be able to realize those things we lack and need to reach our goals in life.

So what is failing forward? As we all know everyone fails. I doubt nobody fails. Every failure started from a simple mistake, a simple wrong decision, a simple wrong choice. But does that mean we are useless? Does that mean you’re not gonna be successful? Does that mean you’re forever a Failure? NO. Failure is one of our key to success. But we need to use our failures positively and still can move forward. A simple learning from our mistakes is one example. So if you’re those one who exaggeratedly label themselves a failure, you’re not and you can stop thinking about that! *admits was one of those people*

John Maxwell quoted a new definition of success and failure. He lists 7 things failure is not:

  • Failure is not avoidable – Definitely! It’s always has been part of our lives.
  • Failure is not an event but a process -Success is not a destination, it’s a journey that you take and what you do day to day. Success is a process and so is a failure.
  • Failure is not an objective – only you can label your actions as failure.
  • Failure is not an enemy.
  • Failure is not irreversible – once done, it’s done. You approach depends what step you’ll take.
  • Failure is not a stigma – Make each failure a step to success.
  • FAILURE IS NOT FINAL. – Definitely not the end of your world!

We fail, yes, but that’s just how it is. I used to be a person who exaggerates things when I fail. I totally blame myself, others for what happen and it made me realize that it’s not too late for everything. Sir Maxwell quoted the difference between average people and achiever people.

The difference of average people and achiever people are their perception of and response to failure. This impacts every aspect if their lives. Failure is not a single event. it’s a process.

Usually when we fail, we’re angry, we blame everyone around us for that failure. We cover up our mistakes, we try to speed things up and we give up. 

Every failure is an opportunity to take the right action and begin again. Need to take full responsibility and admit mistakes. It takes character – we need to get ahead of ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

It’s alright to take mistakes and fail. It makes you more human. Take the risk and learn from the consequences. But sometimes, we tend to fail by doing that same old thing again knowing that we may fail. Sometimes we need to accept things that those are aren’t for us and we need to change our plan in order to continue our path towards our goal. It’s good we try and take the risk, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if it’s always like that and you always fail, there’s nothing wrong in accepting that and leave it behind instead of pursuing which doesn’t really work out.

It’s better to live a life making of mistakes than to do nothing at all.

It’s a challenge. It’s up to you if you fail backward or fail forward. But take note that if you fail backward, it limits you towards the world.

I’m glad I have receive this and made me realize things. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect but I know I’ve done great things in my life. Life, is unfair, but that’s what makes it great…

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Hello March~

Quick update! Hello March! Hello to everyone! It’s been really hot nowadays. Anyway, it’s not that I’m busy but I got too lazy to update my blog, so in order to motivate myself, I change my  layout XD Oh well, The layout is not mine… I only edited the contents, colors and some other stuffs but the layout (header & background) remains un-edited because I don’t have photoshop for now. I like it though, it’s simple and clean 🙂 So I decided not the tweaked the layout further 🙂 Thank you to this owner, i’m loving your layout <3

News? I bought a laptop. You wouldn’t believe me but I bought a laptop for 4k 8D Super cheap right?! My officemate sold his laptop to me for 4k because he needs money badly. BUT— don’t expect something grand about the laptop. First, it’s an old version of Compact. No wifi. No burner. 30GB space only. At first I was doubting but I ended up buying it since I WANT TO END MY HARDSHIP TO MY PREVIOUS LAPTOP >.< I took it for the reason, it’s fast. That’s the only main reason. HAHAHAHA! So this will be my dump space for now for the projects I needed to work 🙂 I’LL SOON BE BUYING A BRAND NEW WITH AWESOME SPECS AND ALL! BWAHAHAHAHA! *insert evil laugh* so that’s why I don’t have a Photoshop, still downloading it 🙂

And good news to all! My baby luna (cat) was pregnant 2 months ago and bore 4 cute kitties last Mach 11, 2012 <3 It’s my first time! I’M A GRANDMA NAAAWWW!!! XDDDD HAHAHAHA! Anyhoo, too bad people who saw and knew already had their hands on buying those kitties. I’ll update if ever they cancel and you want to buy 🙂 Hihihi~ Pictures soon 8D! (when i have photoshop =.=)

About work, I’m back to night shift 🙂 but I realize I’m more human on morning shift XD Anyways, whatever. Work is all important for now 8D But i am now happy I can go both shifts without any worry :

So this is for the quick update! Oh by the way, I’ve change my tumblr account for this blog but the link is still the same. I’m having a hard time with my previous space in tumblr because it’s just secondary. The main was 011990. So i decided to move and make a new account. Don’t worry, link is still the same but the followers are gone. Follow me back again~ thanks!

Bloghop on weekends! 8D

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Pre-hearts day~


Hello! An accomplishment for 2nd entry for February XD Yeeey!!~ anyways, last Saturday, I received an email. It was from someone who are responsible for new hires and the email was entitled was “Regularization Letter.” I feel so relieved!!!! <3 Thank you!!! <3

Also, last saturday, our team had an event. It was a free movie for everyone in our team. They booked a cinema in Gateway and the movie we watched is entitled The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel Adams.

I’m a big fan of Channing <3 and of course Rachel Adams is a very good actress 🙂 The story is simple, about a couple who are in love. In some way, the story is kind of familiar, specially when you watch the trailer. But it’s a good movie and you can feel the emotions portrayed by the artists. It’s a story that will give proof that there is true love and destiny.

Warning: Spoiler!!!

Paige and her husband Leo are a couple who have been happily married for five years. While leaving the movie theater on a snowy night the couple stops at a junction, where they are hit by a truck. Paige, who wasn’t wearing her seat belt, becomes seriously injured. Awakening from her coma, Paige does not remember Leo or the past 5 years of her life, believing herself to be a law student, still on good terms with her parents and engaged to marry her ex-fiancee. Despite this, Leo tries his best effort to help her regain her memory. However, Paige struggles with her present life; since she cannot remember studying art, she struggles to get back into the routine of being in her studio and moves back to her parents.

Leo attempts to mend their relationship by taking her on a date. Although it appears Paige is herself again, she states she doesn’t have the same feelings he has for her. Both family and friends advise them to let go and move on with their lives. Paige goes back to law school, only to rediscover her passion for art. She also discovers the reason why she became estranged with her family and left her ex-fiancee. She meets up with Leo and asks if he knew the truth. He states he did but he didn’t want to win her love and attention that way.

Paige decides to go and study art, though this time her father agrees and the two reconcile. Paige also moves back into the city. Months later Paige and Leo bump into one another at their old cafe. Paige reveals how her life is slowly coming back together. In the end the two decide to go on a date, suggesting that they will restart their relationship and go back to the way things were.

It was said that, the story is inspired by a real couple. Though the girl didn’t regain her memory back, she still married the same man and now happy with their 2 children. -Wikipedia

I love the story. It shows the love that could not be broken. It was really sad & sweet movie. Hope you could watch this movie too 🙂

“True love doesn’t have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you.”

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