So last Saturday, I had a drinking session with my Highschool friends + Highschool friends of my sister. It’s amazing because my sister’s classmate and my classmate, celebrated their birthdays in our house XD So it’s one hell of drinking celebration last Saturday 🙂 and also, Bacardi 151 never fails to knock us out with it’s 75.5% alcohol content XD Very bad for health but fun! XD

I also had a drinking session last last Saturday with my Office-mates naman. Seems like I’ve been drinking every week XD No special occasion for this but just a random visit 🙂 We drank Absolut vodka and Mardi Gras :))

And just for random share about what I did last week 🙂

Last Wednesday, we don’t have work because it’s USA’s Independence day 🙂 Me and my office mates took the opportunity to watch The Amazing Spiderman.

I loooooovveeeee the story more than the first Spiderman. I loooovvveee Andrew Garfield specially when he’s smiling. Emma Stone is soooooo pretty! I like spiderman’s character here more. Aside from being naughty and teenager-ish, although he has super powers, the feeling that he’s still human is there. Do you know what I mean? XD Anyways, that’s what I thought though. I think this spiderman is cooler than the previous 🙂

There are also many awkward but funny scenes which really gives color to this version :))

3rd piercing 🙂
On that day too, after we watch Spiderman, I had my 3rd piercing 🙂

I also had a foot spa session with my close friend, Phatsee @ BFF Spa in Katipunan. It was my very first foot spa session 🙂 And Phatsee bought the foot spa promo in MetroDeal :))

So that’s just it. My not so busy week 🙂 Heehee~ and by the way, I just want to take this opportunity to fangirl about Super Junior’s Comeback with their newest single, Sexy, Free & Single. Kyaaaa~!!! Oppas’ are still awesome! I like the song :)) sorry if you don’t XD And Kangin is back 🙂 YEY! Too bad Heechul is still busy serving =.= Lelz! Anyways, here’s their newest single 🙂

2ne1 has also comeback with their newest single I LOVE YOU. Dara is every pretty! I love her hairrr! Suits her very well~ :)) 2ne1 never fails to show something new to the audience! That’s why I love them 🙂

so that’s all 🙂 I’ll blog hop tomorrow maybe 🙂 Ja~

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