Hello 2013!

It’s not yet late! So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you guys! How’s your Christmas vacation? Mine was just okay. Both of my Christmas and New Year wasn’t as crazy as before. It’s my family’s first time to celebrate Xmas and New Year without my sister because she’s away from work (Quezon Province). I had worked on 31st so I came almost 1 hour left before 12mn. Too exhausted to party-party and the dabarkadz are not complete. So we just did some simple chilling XD Hahaha! Anyways,  I’m still glad we’ve reached 2013 😀 So enough of those end of the world issues >.<

I don’t make new year’s resolution but I wanted to get myself motivated more in blogging. I tried to stop but I’m kinda missing it. LOL! Anyways, I DO HOPE, I will blog more this year and should I take topics rather than personal post? I’m not really good on that. I was wondering post with themes or topics are really getting much attention than personal stuffs (like daily life ramblings). I would like this blog to get more interaction with the readers so I can feel its life 😀 What do you think?

One more problem is that, I’m on dorm on weekdays due to work so I don’t have internet or net life. So the only time I could make posts are on weekends. And sometimes weekends are also booked, so I don’t get really have time T.T

ANYWAY—- I will still blog. YEHEY! Clap! Clap!

Talking about 2012, what are my most unforgettable memories?

  • BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR CONCERT MNL 2012 – Shit!! I was there!  And IT WAS AWESOMMMEEE!!! Enuff said! I failed to make a blog entry regarding this because I don’t have time and my laptop before was a shit for editing and all and I really don’t have time, so the memory just forever stays in my heart, mind, body and soul XDDD
  • SAGADA TRIP – IT’S A ONE OF A KIND TRIP! I really had so much fun! The Spelunking was my first time agaw-buhay experience which I am thinking not to do it again but it was a very fun experience! Like much trekking? GO TO SAGADAAAA!!! <3 (Another failed entry because the reason is the same as above >.<)
  • RUROUNI KENSHIN MOVIE – The moment I am able to meet Himura Kenshin alive!!!! OMAYGAASSYESS!!! Watched it two-times and it was really AWEEESSOMMEE!! <3 Sato BB is pure love! TT.TT He’s now uber popular TT.TT If you haven’t watch this yet, YOU BETTER NOW! GO GET DOWNLOAD ANYWHERE YOU CAN! XDDD AHAHAHAHA!
  • NEW DESKTOP – The moment of my life which I can scream to the world that I AM FREEEEE!!!! Free from my crapshit laptop! This was the very moment!!! I can breathe now! And thanks for my credit card, which I was talking on my other post XD MY FIRST SWIPE BELONGS TO HERE <3 THANK YOU! XDDD Now I need to monitor my balance O.O XDDD

Well, that’s the my 2012 most unforgettable 😀 What about yours? I bet yours is more colorful than mine XD Heehee~ So that’s it for my first post for 2013! Please look forward for more 🙂

PS: Guys, are your blogs still alive? Will do blog hopping now 😀

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