Gadget 101: Cellphones

CELLPHONES. Essential to our daily lives. Anyone of you knows who doesn’t have one? Except for our grandmas and grampas who refuse to be eaten by technology XD May it be an Android or from an out-dated version as long you can call and text, anyone nowadays have their cellphones with them for communication. It is important and a necessity. I myself consider it very important as well 🙂

I just wanna share you guys that I recently have a new phone and wanted to share how satisfied I am with this (so far :D) At first, I’m not really a big fan of SAMSUNG. I actually first avoided it. I find it too mainstream that all the people are using SAMSUNG. I know I’m weird but that’s what I feel about it XD (you know what I’m saying?) My dream phone is IPHONE. But IPHONE is not user-friendly, budget-friendly and entertainment-friendly. But it’s a really good phone and still hoping to have one 🙂 But anyways, I ended up taking SAMSUNG. I took their newest Samsung S7 simply because I fell inlove with the specs and features. (Damn that 32GB!!!)

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Amo Yamie Crib

Hashtag I <3 AYC

Hey there everyone! Last Friday, to celebrate our last day as morning shift (yes, BPO company thing XD) we decided to treat ourselves to a never been tried food treats somewhere near Quezon City (and it’s because it’s pay day XD). A colleague of mine has been looking out this cafe called Amo Yamie Crib. They currently have their newly opened branch here in Katipunan so yeah, we did and got curious to try it 🙂


Logo of Amo Yamie Crib

Amo Yamie Crib Coffee Shop and Movie house has now 5 branches. Their main is in Angeles City, Pampanga. So for those Manilenos who wants to try this Cafe, we can go thru their branch here in Mendiola, Espana and now their new branch, in Katipunan.

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