Otanjoubi Okasaaan~


Today I came home straight from work instead of going back in Dorm simply because, it’s my mom’s Special Day!

My mom never had a big birthday celebration like those a month preparation or more. She never had a grand celebration before that’s what she confessed when I was still in HS that’s why whenever we have our birthdays, she herself prepares for the party and all 🙂

She just turned 51 now and I remember before, I told myself that I will give her a real party. On her 50th. But things didn’t go well and ended up a simple celebration. Just like today too. I still hope to surprise her with a big celebration SOMEDAY. On her 52nd? 😀

The cake is as you can see from Tous Les Jours. Sounds French right but this is a Korean-owned 😀 This is my first time buying here. The unique cake designs caught my eyes and decided to buy a cake here 😀 It’s also very affordable and many cake designs to choose from 😀

The cake I bought is Chocolate Powder Cake 🙂 According the description: chocolate powder cake – light and moist belgian chocolate sponge cake filled with premium chocolate butter cream and sprinkled with heavenly cacao powder” – and this is just less than 500php 🙂

Tous les Jours is French for “Everyday”, which most aptly conveys the idea of freshly baked goods

“Tous les Jours” brand was launched in Korea in 1996 to give consumers a totally satisfying bakery experience. It launched an on-site production system for each store, which guarantees the quality of our fresh, delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients. Also, as a worldwide leader in the bakery industry with over 1,600 stores, Tous les Jours established Korea’s first, Internet-based Total Information System (TIS) for franchise operations; first bakery mileage card system for consumers; and modeled the development of multi-bakery shops to maximize the reach of its outlets. Through these and other services, Tous les Jours continues to be a step ahead in technology and service in the world bakery industry. Tous les Jours Philippines is part of AGC – www.iagc.ph

I’ve also tried their macaroons <3 It’s so chewy and delicious 😀 I will try their breads next time! 😀

Anyways, Happy Happy birthday to my ever beloved and my 1st best person in the world :D, Mom! Wish you all the best and more birthdays to come! I love you and God Bless! Enjoy your special day!

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プリ誕生日の祝い :)

The title says, pre-birthday celebration XD Sorry if I had to type it Japanese, I just wanted to XD LOLZ!

Anyways, I’m currently 23 now. Getting old isn’t that much fun XD I decided not to throw a party or treat friends for my birthday. I just want it to be me and normal, just to be different 🙂 But I guess, I can consider these as my pre-birthday celebration, right? 🙂


My day 12: From Enshantei Kingdom with love~

Me and my office mates decided to go to EK. Just for fun 🙂 Well, I kinda miss this place. My last time was still in High school XD and so far, nothing’s change 🙂 It’s the same old EK I met before 🙂 Aside from the new rides, Magic Disk and Extreme 😀 It was also my first time to commute on going here XD Fun!

From the Entrance 🙂

Let’s Volt In!!! ENSHANTEI!!!! :))

The first ride we took was the Anchor’s Away. As usual, it made my tummy curled up and my body shaking after XD I’m not into shouting when riding extreme rides. When it’s ultimately scary, I just froze and close my eyes 😀 HAHAHAHA! Oh yeah, it really took us 45 mins just for this one XD

From left to right, first four, the les-be-honest ft. Cheche, Me (baklangpusa) and Candy :))


So the second ride was the Space Shuttle. Third time here and still pretty scary! I, again, closed my eyes and shut myself XD It was raining before and told myself not to ride the roller coaster if it still rains on our turn. Yes, I am paranoid from the Final Destination thingy XDD AHAHAHA! But it stopped so there I am in the picture XD We almost wait for 2 hours for this ride XD

Then there we are at the Ferris Wheel but we didn’t rode this one because some of them doesn’t like it too TT.TT During this time, the beautiful fireworks presentation started. We miss taking pictures of it for we are so awe in the beauty XD After this, we went to Jungle Log Jam. No pictures because it’s already too dark 🙁

Then we moved on to Flying Fiesta 🙂 One of the favorites <3 Heehee~

The last ride my office mates rode was the newly added ride, Magic Disk. I dislike that ride for it’s just spinning so I just stay behind. While waiting for them, I saw a horror house! I didn’t know there was a horror house here XD Then they text me to fall in line in Rio Grande, unfortunately EK stops their operation exactly at 9pm and we missed it! >.< We missed a lot of ride: Rio grande, Rialto, Extreme and Horror House :((

Then it was time to go home 🙁 We still have lots of fun though we missed some ride 🙂 The bonding was still awesome 😀 Next time ulit :3


011613 was Sambokojin Day! Finally! I’ve been eyeing this Restaurant before and I so wanted to eat here and finally the day has come! Thanks to my 2 colleagues who loves eating and Japanese Cuisine 🙂 This is our bonding, food hunting 😀

In my opinion, Sambokojin is a little bit better than Yakimix XD Especially the sushis and meats <3 Although Yakimix has more variety of selection, I love Sambokojin XDD Will definitely eat here again 8D

So this is my birthday celebration? XD Thank you for the blessing! Hello twenty-three me! XD

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Weekendtastic with Friends :)

Last weekend, I spent my weekend with my college friends. It’s been months since we last hang-out and I really miss our bondings. It was my classmate’s birthday and he planned a month ago for us to this get together. Unfortunately, we’re still incomplete. Some had an emergency and others still have work and wasn’t able to take leave but overall, we all had fun! I spent my Saturday night until Sunday night with them! Pure fun! <3

We had Karaoke at Karaoke Republic in Timog. The place was fine and there’s a lot of food and drinks and it cost reasonably 🙂 (The birthday boy at the first pic 8D. Second pic was dinner at Gateway food court where we dig in an ice cream cake!)

US. Been friends and still strong for almost 6 years 🙂

I am loving this drink <3 My drink-of-the-month I guess? XD

We go crazy as well as messy but that’s okay, because we’re having Fun!

So after having fun we crashed Starbucks for coffee because some are sleepy and tipsy XD. We spent 4 hours in the Karaoke! XD

And Sunday afternoon, we hit Ali Mall. Only selected people came because others have other agendas. For those who doesn’t have and nothing to do, we watched MIB III. For me, the story was simple. It was more of the untold story of J and K. But still fun to watch specially if you’ve been following this since the I and II 🙂

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