KAYA Korean Restaurant

Last week, my team at work ate at KAYA Korean Restaurant. Every month we have team lunch out and for this month I am the one organizing so I have to look for a restaurant that could cater my team. I honestly wasn’t looking for anything Korean or Japanese just to match with my own interest but KAYA was happened to be available and convenient to us XD

  • It’s very near our workplace
  • Haven’t tried yet by the team since it’s newly established.
  • Very affordable. We only have 300php budget and KAYA happens to offer it.

Yup, I didn’t chose it because it’s Korean though it’s a plus to me. HAHAHAHA!

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Hello March~

Quick update! Hello March! Hello to everyone! It’s been really hot nowadays. Anyway, it’s not that I’m busy but I got too lazy to update my blog, so in order to motivate myself, I change my  layout XD Oh well, The layout is not mine… I only edited the contents, colors and some other stuffs but the layout (header & background) remains un-edited because I don’t have photoshop for now. I like it though, it’s simple and clean 🙂 So I decided not the tweaked the layout further 🙂 Thank you to this owner, i’m loving your layout <3

News? I bought a laptop. You wouldn’t believe me but I bought a laptop for 4k 8D Super cheap right?! My officemate sold his laptop to me for 4k because he needs money badly. BUT— don’t expect something grand about the laptop. First, it’s an old version of Compact. No wifi. No burner. 30GB space only. At first I was doubting but I ended up buying it since I WANT TO END MY HARDSHIP TO MY PREVIOUS LAPTOP >.< I took it for the reason, it’s fast. That’s the only main reason. HAHAHAHA! So this will be my dump space for now for the projects I needed to work 🙂 I’LL SOON BE BUYING A BRAND NEW WITH AWESOME SPECS AND ALL! BWAHAHAHAHA! *insert evil laugh* so that’s why I don’t have a Photoshop, still downloading it 🙂

And good news to all! My baby luna (cat) was pregnant 2 months ago and bore 4 cute kitties last Mach 11, 2012 <3 It’s my first time! I’M A GRANDMA NAAAWWW!!! XDDDD HAHAHAHA! Anyhoo, too bad people who saw and knew already had their hands on buying those kitties. I’ll update if ever they cancel and you want to buy 🙂 Hihihi~ Pictures soon 8D! (when i have photoshop =.=)

About work, I’m back to night shift 🙂 but I realize I’m more human on morning shift XD Anyways, whatever. Work is all important for now 8D But i am now happy I can go both shifts without any worry :

So this is for the quick update! Oh by the way, I’ve change my tumblr account for this blog but the link is still the same. I’m having a hard time with my previous space in tumblr because it’s just secondary. The main was 011990. So i decided to move and make a new account. Don’t worry, link is still the same but the followers are gone. Follow me back again~ thanks!

Bloghop on weekends! 8D

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