I do it ALONE (●´∀`●)


So yeah, today I watched Iron Man 3 ALONE (`・ω・´)” As the title itself says so 🙂 The things I just did today alone (`・ω・´)” HAHAHA! It wasn’t much of a big deal to do things alone. Sometimes, it’s way more comfortable to do some things alone (●´∀`●)

So it’s not new to me to watch a movie alone. I’ve done it three times including now and it was for all the same movie XD (this is an amazing coincidence. For me. LOL! ) Anyways, When Iron Man 1 first came out, I got tired of inviting someone to watch with me, so I watched it alone :3 Then here comes the 2nd part of Iron Man and the case was, no one invited me and I invited them but they already watched it, so again, I watched it alone XD THEN PART THREE. For some reasons that they haven’t invited me again and chose other parties, some got cancelled and off the schedule and I am really desperate to watch IM3 and this made me realize. I WAS BORN TO WATCH IRON MAN ALONE. There goes today, I watched it— all by myself today (★^O^★) Though of course, it’s kinda frustrating because it’s fun to spazz with someone specially if you’re a fan gurl~ HAHAHA! Well, it doesn’t really matter and of course, there’s nothing to be mad about not being invited at all. You’re not their only friends, there are others too, right?! No big deal! 😀

I am not going to spoil like I used to if you haven’t watched Iron Man 3 because I’m kinda lazy to do it so I’ll just give what I think about Iron Man 3. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! So I find Iron Man the coolest Avenger of all~ 2nd is THOR 🙂 (I saw the THOR 2 Movie Teaser!!! YESSS! OMG!!! MY FEELSSS~ THOR & LOKIIIII <3) Ooops! Fangurling mode XD Anyways, TonyxPepper is love! PEPPER was so cool! I wish her to stay with that power ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ If there will be Iron Man 4…. So yeah, Super Cool Movie!!!! Highly Recommended!! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Oh yeah, have I told you that Robert Downey Jr. is my dream dad?! I FIND HIM A REALLY COOL DAD! What you think?! But of course, I already have a cool dad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HAHAHAHAHA!

So what else I did today? I shopped some stuffs for tomorrows family getaway 🙂 YEAH! Finally! It’s been a long time since I had a family getaway! I’m kinda excited that I can’t sleep 。◕‿◕。

So we’re going to sail off to Mindoro Occidental, later @ 5am ⊙▽⊙ (I was thinking of not sleeping anymore~ hehehehe) It’s my first time in that place so I wish to have fun! We’re going to meet some relatives from Mom’s side (◑‿◐)

Oh yeah, my summer escapade will be incomplete without taking pictures and I don’t have a camera until last Friday so I bought one 🙂

Tada~!!! a new toy  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I like it and it’s affordable too~ So I’m okay with this 😀 But still, DSLR is soon to be the target 8D

And last, to complete this post~ I announce you that I color my hair again 🙂 It’s not full hair though 😀 Tried again to get semi-blonde 😀 Woohoo! This looks kinda messy because I was trying out the product 🙂 I’ll fix it soon when I get some time 😀 LOL!

Anyone of you started your summer? How was yours? 🙂

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Welcome Home Dad!


Hello! How are you guys? Quick update for you guys, my dad is back from Saudi after two years. Yup! He’s an OFW and it’s really good that he’s back even though for just a month vacation. Anyways, I’m really happy and I wanted to thank God for his safety ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Here is my dad by the way~ He just got up when I went home last Wednesday (•‿•) He’s 60+ but he said he still wanted to work for the sake of my brother (he’s in college now). As much as I want him to stay, I’m not confident in shouldering everything for my family. My work’s pay is not as big as his who can provide all of our expenses (T_T) He said it’s just a matter of sacrifice and we’ll still be able to survive everything. I love my dad for being positive despite what happen to us emotionally, mentally and financially. God is good for giving us a chance to see the light and still keep moving forward (•‿•) On the other hand, I will do my very best to help, even though it’s not much as big (•‿•) My sister and I are helping to get back our lives again (•‿•) Of course, God will be always there for us (︶ω︶)

Anyways, he’ll be with us for 40 days (•‿•) I’m in dorm on weekdays so I get to see him every weekends (╯︵╰,) My sister, she will be able to see him only for 1 week since she’s working in the province which approves only 1 week leave in a month (╯︵╰,) It’s sad. It’s not the way it was before that we spend the time everyday together. But, it’s okay~ I just wanted to be happy that he’s here now :(─‿‿─)

I usually don’t ask for Dad to buy me something but what surprised me is this….


Yes, my 1TB Toshiba External HD <3 Ahhh~ I’m glad that my dad knows what I really want (●⌒∇⌒●) I was about to buy this last December but I got broke when I swipe for my Desktop XD I can’t buy them all at once so I have to wait and save money and unexpectedly~ this came \( `.∀´)/ Thank you very much Dad o (◡‿◡✿)

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