Kenshin in Manila

Before anything else, I’d like to announce that this blog is not yet d e a d. (。・//ε//・。) I’m just out there still lurking online life but I nearly forgot that I have a blog. Oh well, sorry!(。-_-。)And I kinda regret missing blogging some events that have happened XD Gaahhh~ Anyways, here’s one I should really blog because DAMN FEELS!!! XDD

This has something to do with the guy over there on my sidebar (*´∀`*) Hahaha~ Yes! Takeru Sato it is!!! Have you guys seen the 2nd part of RuroKen Live Action? IT WAS SO AWESOME! Both first and this one are rocking my Otaku feels! One of the best Live Action in the History! I wouldn’t do the review of the movie. JUST WATCH IT and you’ll know what I mean 。◕‿◕。 

Well, before that movie there was a surprise event held here in Philippines. Unexpectedly, the cast of RuroKen and the director went here for a visit. (not really surprised, it was announce but maybe unexpectedly, they came here XD you know what I mean? It’s unusual XD). I was unprepared when I knew and looking for some ways on how should I be able to see them. 

They stayed here for two days. First day I missed was the premier night for Kyoto Inferno in SM Megamall and I REGRET THIS DAY! I never knew there would be a red carpet thingy ☆⌒(>。≪) that is really too bad. BUUUUTTT—- I went on second day which was their Press Con in Glorietta Mall. AHHHH~~ MY FEELS ARE OVERFLOWING AND FINALLY!!! FINALLYYY!! Ever since a highschool fan, I finally saw him in person ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and I can’t help myself but to cry!!! TEARS OF JOY FOR BB SATO-desu!! XD I’m glad I really push through and came. Though as usual, the crowd is huge but I still manage XD 

Here are some of my precious shots I’ve taken from the Press Con. Seriously, 90% are blurred but I just can’t delete them XD Here are the good shots I have. Thanks to my digicam he manage to take these ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ


YES! There they are! Sorry, I was really only focus on these two. Specially Sato-bb XD (Sorry director-san XD)


My best shot, I guess, THANK YOU CAMERA-san!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


This shot is when my camera lens met Takeru Sato-san’s eyes! AHAHAHA! FEELS MEN! JUST FEELS!!! XDDD


Apparently, I somehow didn’t understand what they’re saying during presscon because there were a lot of shouting and clapping and maybe you can blame the speakers but anyways, the most memorable in the interview was Munetaka Aoki-san who gave so much effort to communicate with us in English as well as being all the way excited for us XD HE’S AMAZING, ADORABLE! and ASH-TIGGG!! YOU THE MAN DESUUU!!! ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)


Smile shot-desu! (๑>◡<๑)


Another smile shot desu!!!! (๑✧◡✧๑)


And there they are, only three of them. Too bad I didn’t see Emi-chan. She was only in the Premier Night. They said she had to go back to Japan for a drama. Next time Emi-chan, next time (。◝‿◜。)

And my fangirl feels all over until I get home, until now and forever XD Thank you for that day. It was an awesome experience! I hope this will open for other Japanese artist that they are always welcome here in the Philippines XD *crosses fingers for Laruku, One Ok Rock, Miyavi and many more* (。≍ฺ‿ฺ≍ฺ)

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JROCK: One Ok Rock

Oh yeah~ Hi! Here is a fandom post as promise before 🙂 Well, I wanted to blog RuroKen first but got too lazy XD Anyways, I’ll just introduce to you one of my newest love Jrock bands, One Ok Rock and maybe finding those people who are an avid fan of them 🙂 Thanks!

Photo Credit from
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ONE OK ROCK. This band, I’m loving them everyday and always listen to their songs without a miss XD I first knew them when I was in my 4th year college. I first listen to their Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. What attracts me is that they’re not your ordinary Jrock Band. Well, apart from Visual-Kei bands, they’re more Western. Aside from that, their songs are catchy as half of the lyrics are in English and the vocalist charismatically delivered it. Like Ellegarden which has songs that are in English too, but it’s amazing that One Ok Rock’s songs sounded more foreign than Ellegarden (in my opinion). Taka’s diction is amazing <3 Although you can still here Japanese, it’s no big deal and they’re really good. I guess every time they release a song, they’re getting better and better 😀 What you think?

Photo Credit from
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The foundation for One Ok Rock began when Toru Yamashita, then a high school student, wanted to start a band. He told his friend Ryota Kohama, a fellow member of the hip hop dance group Heads, to learn the bass and asked Alex Onizawa to join. After seeing Taka Moriuchi perform in a cover band, Toru insisted that he join. Drummer Tomoya Kanki had been playing with them since 2006, but only became an official member when they debuted in 2007.

The band’s name, One Ok Rock, comes from “one o’clock”, the time that the band used to practice on weekends. However, noticing that the Japanese language made no distinction between r’s and l’s, they changed “o’clock” to “o’crock” (or “o’krock”), which was then separated to become “ok rock”.

I find the band’s name unique too and for the record, Taka was being known as a former member for the Jpop Idol Group NewS. Yeah! Like I didn’t imagine him into pop, dancing with Yamapi and others then suddenly shifting into a Hardcore, Screamo Rocker vocalist XD Nice Shifting! XD But anyways, that means that Taka is one hell of an Artist. (Although I didn’t notice him in NewS O.O Sorryyy~)

Photo Credit from
Photo Credit from

  • Toru(山下 亨 Yamashita Tōru, born December 7, 1988 in Osaka) is the leader and guitarist of the group. He also contributes some vocals. He was previously a member of the hip-hop dance group Heads with Ryota.
  • Taka(森田 貴寬 Morita Takahiro, born April 17, 1988 in Tokyo) is the main vocalist of the group. Prior to debuting with One Ok Rock, he was a member of the boy band NEWS. He is the son of singers Shinichi Mori and Masako Mori.
  • Ryota(小浜 良太 Kohama Ryōta, born September 4, 1989 in Osaka) is the bassist of the group. He was also previously a member of the hip-hop dance group Heads with Toru.
  • Tomoya(神吉 智也 Kanki Tomoya, born June 27, 1987 in Hyogo) is the drummer of the group.

And what made them more popular now is them being known for singing Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie’s ending theme song entitled “THE BEGINNING”. (Yes, they’re also under the same Agency of Takeru Sato, so maybe that’s why. Even so, THEY’RE GOOD!) If you watched Ruroken and listened until the very end of the movie, you’ll know how good they are and I suggest you listen to their other songs too because they’re really aca-awesomeee <3

Here are some of my favorites:

The Beginning – RuroKen OST

One Ok Rock – Chaosmyth

Wherever You Are Live

**Newest: Nothing Helps – DMC OST

**Newest: Deeper Deeper

Others, you may search it on youtube: RE:MAKE, Kanzan Kankaku Dreamer, Notes and Words, NO SCARED, LIAR or simply search ONE OK ROCK :))

I love them. Really. So I am still looking for an album 😀 also, I wanted a printed OOR shirt <3 HAHAHA! And of course, to meet them! Fudge! XDDD So that’s it, I hope to meet lots of OOR fans and Spazz with them! HAHAHA! Till next update!

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