Movie Review: Conjuring 2

Disclaimer: So I’m not gonna tell the whole story just in case you haven’t watch Conjuring 2 yet. But, I do recommend it. The story is good, the ending is a bit dramatic and collective screaaaaammmsss!! So thumbs up for this movie 😀 AND—- I won’t be posting anything scary so this is WORK SAFE! […]


Before anything else,…. 2 MORE DAYS AND IT’S BIGBAAAAAANNNGGGG!!!!SEE YOU GUISEE THUUUURRRR!!! XD*EGG-XCITED MUCH! Last Thursday I watched Sinister with my colleagues in Gateway Mall. It’s just an unexpected plan that came up with “I wanna watch Sinister” and everybody said “Let’s goooo!” and that’s why we watched 😀 We just wanted to be scared […]