Beauty and the Beast

Last Friday, I had a chance to watch the latest Beauty and the Beast movie because my manager gave me two free tickets as a token of appreciation on creating their Organization’s Event AVP 🙂 Thank you Miss! It’s been a long time since I watched again on cinema XDDD

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I do it ALONE (●´∀`●)


So yeah, today I watched Iron Man 3 ALONE (`・ω・´)” As the title itself says so 🙂 The things I just did today alone (`・ω・´)” HAHAHA! It wasn’t much of a big deal to do things alone. Sometimes, it’s way more comfortable to do some things alone (●´∀`●)

So it’s not new to me to watch a movie alone. I’ve done it three times including now and it was for all the same movie XD (this is an amazing coincidence. For me. LOL! ) Anyways, When Iron Man 1 first came out, I got tired of inviting someone to watch with me, so I watched it alone :3 Then here comes the 2nd part of Iron Man and the case was, no one invited me and I invited them but they already watched it, so again, I watched it alone XD THEN PART THREE. For some reasons that they haven’t invited me again and chose other parties, some got cancelled and off the schedule and I am really desperate to watch IM3 and this made me realize. I WAS BORN TO WATCH IRON MAN ALONE. There goes today, I watched it— all by myself today (★^O^★) Though of course, it’s kinda frustrating because it’s fun to spazz with someone specially if you’re a fan gurl~ HAHAHA! Well, it doesn’t really matter and of course, there’s nothing to be mad about not being invited at all. You’re not their only friends, there are others too, right?! No big deal! 😀

I am not going to spoil like I used to if you haven’t watched Iron Man 3 because I’m kinda lazy to do it so I’ll just give what I think about Iron Man 3. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! So I find Iron Man the coolest Avenger of all~ 2nd is THOR 🙂 (I saw the THOR 2 Movie Teaser!!! YESSS! OMG!!! MY FEELSSS~ THOR & LOKIIIII <3) Ooops! Fangurling mode XD Anyways, TonyxPepper is love! PEPPER was so cool! I wish her to stay with that power ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ If there will be Iron Man 4…. So yeah, Super Cool Movie!!!! Highly Recommended!! (●⌒∇⌒●)

Oh yeah, have I told you that Robert Downey Jr. is my dream dad?! I FIND HIM A REALLY COOL DAD! What you think?! But of course, I already have a cool dad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HAHAHAHAHA!

So what else I did today? I shopped some stuffs for tomorrows family getaway 🙂 YEAH! Finally! It’s been a long time since I had a family getaway! I’m kinda excited that I can’t sleep 。◕‿◕。

So we’re going to sail off to Mindoro Occidental, later @ 5am ⊙▽⊙ (I was thinking of not sleeping anymore~ hehehehe) It’s my first time in that place so I wish to have fun! We’re going to meet some relatives from Mom’s side (◑‿◐)

Oh yeah, my summer escapade will be incomplete without taking pictures and I don’t have a camera until last Friday so I bought one 🙂

Tada~!!! a new toy  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I like it and it’s affordable too~ So I’m okay with this 😀 But still, DSLR is soon to be the target 8D

And last, to complete this post~ I announce you that I color my hair again 🙂 It’s not full hair though 😀 Tried again to get semi-blonde 😀 Woohoo! This looks kinda messy because I was trying out the product 🙂 I’ll fix it soon when I get some time 😀 LOL!

Anyone of you started your summer? How was yours? 🙂

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Before anything else,….


Last Thursday I watched Sinister with my colleagues in Gateway Mall. It’s just an unexpected plan that came up with “I wanna watch Sinister” and everybody said “Let’s goooo!” and that’s why we watched 😀

We just wanted to be scared XD Hahaha! and the hell this movie really made me scream a lot! Harhar! The story is good 🙂 Ethan Hawke looks so good in here and of course his acting is great 😀 The story has somewhat similarity with John Cusack’s Room 1408 🙂

Sinister – adj., something bad or evil


Synopsis: The movie started off with a footage from a Super 8 film wherein a family is being hanged on a tree, killing them with no trace of the murderer.

Ethan Hawke stars as Ellison Oswalt, a suspens/thriller, real crime book writer who is desperate to make a comeback after his 10 year ago success from his previous book. He moved his family into a new house where the family hanged and died took place.

Upon researching the house, he found 5 home videos shot using a Super 8 film. He watch it and found out how and when 5 different families were all killed with a same link, one child is always missing.

He met a deputy which assists him in collecting details and introduces Jonas, an occult and demonic symbolism expert, to him because he’s been experiencing weird things inside the house (footsteps, automatic play on videos, etc…). He also see an unexplained creature in every videos and a painted symbol. Jonas explained to him that what he saw was a Pagan Deity called Bughuul who is an eater of children souls. He abducts the child after killing the whole family.

Ellison was so scared what was happening inside the house, feeling like he’s being tortured so he burned the films and decided to move out with his family.

When on their previous house, he received an email from Jonas showing pictures on  how Bughuul travels from his realm to mortal realm. He answered a phone call from the deputy which he’s been ignoring ever since they moved out. The deputy told Ellison that he found the link within the five families: Each family had last live in the house where the previous murder took place. By moving out of the house, Ellison has put his family in a curse that continues the pattern.

The ending was the same as the 5 families in the film. They were also drugged and then killed by their daughter while taking a video using a Super 8 film. And then Bughuul took her.

I like the story from first until almost the end but not the ending. I was disappointed because I want him to end and solve the mystery. Hahaha! But I think it was nearest to real life since these kind of curses are inescapable XD But what if they didn’t move out the house? They wouldn’t die right? Because the pattern was you lived then you moved then you die XD Hehehe~ I was just thinking XD It was still great. The scary scenes are important and they did great in scaring people 😀 unless you’re really not into screaming… I hate Bughuul too! He’s waaayy to scary for me! XD

I still recommend it and great movie to watch for your Halloween! *Awwwwoooo*

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So last Saturday, I had a drinking session with my Highschool friends + Highschool friends of my sister. It’s amazing because my sister’s classmate and my classmate, celebrated their birthdays in our house XD So it’s one hell of drinking celebration last Saturday 🙂 and also, Bacardi 151 never fails to knock us out with it’s 75.5% alcohol content XD Very bad for health but fun! XD

I also had a drinking session last last Saturday with my Office-mates naman. Seems like I’ve been drinking every week XD No special occasion for this but just a random visit 🙂 We drank Absolut vodka and Mardi Gras :))

And just for random share about what I did last week 🙂

Last Wednesday, we don’t have work because it’s USA’s Independence day 🙂 Me and my office mates took the opportunity to watch The Amazing Spiderman.

I loooooovveeeee the story more than the first Spiderman. I loooovvveee Andrew Garfield specially when he’s smiling. Emma Stone is soooooo pretty! I like spiderman’s character here more. Aside from being naughty and teenager-ish, although he has super powers, the feeling that he’s still human is there. Do you know what I mean? XD Anyways, that’s what I thought though. I think this spiderman is cooler than the previous 🙂

There are also many awkward but funny scenes which really gives color to this version :))

3rd piercing 🙂
On that day too, after we watch Spiderman, I had my 3rd piercing 🙂

I also had a foot spa session with my close friend, Phatsee @ BFF Spa in Katipunan. It was my very first foot spa session 🙂 And Phatsee bought the foot spa promo in MetroDeal :))

So that’s just it. My not so busy week 🙂 Heehee~ and by the way, I just want to take this opportunity to fangirl about Super Junior’s Comeback with their newest single, Sexy, Free & Single. Kyaaaa~!!! Oppas’ are still awesome! I like the song :)) sorry if you don’t XD And Kangin is back 🙂 YEY! Too bad Heechul is still busy serving =.= Lelz! Anyways, here’s their newest single 🙂

2ne1 has also comeback with their newest single I LOVE YOU. Dara is every pretty! I love her hairrr! Suits her very well~ :)) 2ne1 never fails to show something new to the audience! That’s why I love them 🙂

so that’s all 🙂 I’ll blog hop tomorrow maybe 🙂 Ja~

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Weekendtastic with Friends :)

Last weekend, I spent my weekend with my college friends. It’s been months since we last hang-out and I really miss our bondings. It was my classmate’s birthday and he planned a month ago for us to this get together. Unfortunately, we’re still incomplete. Some had an emergency and others still have work and wasn’t able to take leave but overall, we all had fun! I spent my Saturday night until Sunday night with them! Pure fun! <3

We had Karaoke at Karaoke Republic in Timog. The place was fine and there’s a lot of food and drinks and it cost reasonably 🙂 (The birthday boy at the first pic 8D. Second pic was dinner at Gateway food court where we dig in an ice cream cake!)

US. Been friends and still strong for almost 6 years 🙂

I am loving this drink <3 My drink-of-the-month I guess? XD

We go crazy as well as messy but that’s okay, because we’re having Fun!

So after having fun we crashed Starbucks for coffee because some are sleepy and tipsy XD. We spent 4 hours in the Karaoke! XD

And Sunday afternoon, we hit Ali Mall. Only selected people came because others have other agendas. For those who doesn’t have and nothing to do, we watched MIB III. For me, the story was simple. It was more of the untold story of J and K. But still fun to watch specially if you’ve been following this since the I and II 🙂

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