Weekendtastic with Friends :)

Last weekend, I spent my weekend with my college friends. It’s been months since we last hang-out and I really miss our bondings. It was my classmate’s birthday and he planned a month ago for us to this get together. Unfortunately, we’re still incomplete. Some had an emergency and others still have work and wasn’t able to take leave but overall, we all had fun! I spent my Saturday night until Sunday night with them! Pure fun! <3

We had Karaoke at Karaoke Republic in Timog. The place was fine and there’s a lot of food and drinks and it cost reasonably 🙂 (The birthday boy at the first pic 8D. Second pic was dinner at Gateway food court where we dig in an ice cream cake!)

US. Been friends and still strong for almost 6 years 🙂

I am loving this drink <3 My drink-of-the-month I guess? XD

We go crazy as well as messy but that’s okay, because we’re having Fun!

So after having fun we crashed Starbucks for coffee because some are sleepy and tipsy XD. We spent 4 hours in the Karaoke! XD

And Sunday afternoon, we hit Ali Mall. Only selected people came because others have other agendas. For those who doesn’t have and nothing to do, we watched MIB III. For me, the story was simple. It was more of the untold story of J and K. But still fun to watch specially if you’ve been following this since the I and II 🙂

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