I WAS IN YAKIMIX <3 062312

Last Saturday, our manager treat us to Yakimix, Trinoma 😀 Why gave a treat? because, we have this PPAT team (and I’m part of it), we manage and organize events for our manager’s projects. Our tagline “Where work meets fun” will explain everything. So of course it’s not just all work, we also need to have fun 🙂 So I’ve been a member since I was hired XD not too long but will almost a year now and this is my first pay off (i don’t know to others though, maybe many times? :)) and I was really happy because I’ve been craving to eat in Yakimix since before XD! And thanks to our manager and for the people who encouraged me to join PPAT, that I was finally, able to eat here in Yakimix 8D

My plate! I know!!! I eat a loooottt XDDD I can’t help it XDDD!

I enjoy this part XD Grillinggggg~

Dessertssss!!!! I’m loving it so much!! <3

The food is really good~ but there are some that are just okay 🙂 I wasn’t able to eat any Korean food like Kimchi or any, because I don’t eat spicy foods… *fail* anyways, next time I will tryyy~ XD I will surely come back here, with friends or family because I enjoyed a lot. We almost ate for 2 hours!! Pure fun!! And I wanted to thank you my dear colleagues for this awesome blessing you gave me!!! Yakimix is finally scratched-out on my Resto-lists! YAY!! <3 THANK YOU. 🙂

So everyone, how are you these past few days? 🙂

PS: I’m on a two-days vacation leave 🙂 Happy long weekend to meee! YAY! Guiiissee(officemates)~~ take care of my accounts!!! XD

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