Credit Caaard-o!

Hey Monday! Please be a good day! XD

Well, before I return to my other home, which is very tiring =.=,  I wanted to blog here first XD!

So as we all know, it’s already been 2 weeks since October came 🙂 If you all know about what’s big coming up for October, you’ll understand me XD Well, probably to all kpop fans but yeah, BIGBANG ALIVE CONCERT IS ON 24TH AND IT’S GETTING NEARER AND NEARER AND I AM ASDKHJSHIJIJSKALAJRUEHI EXCITEDDD!!! XDDD My friend and I will be on 207, LowerBox A :)) See yeah all there!!! 😀

Credit Caaaarrdd-o!Last Saturday I received a mail delivered from here. It was from Metrobank. It was my credit card which they applied me by interviewing me through phone. I think it was their way to get people apply for credit card. But since Accenture was Metrobank before, they said I am qualified. So I finally received it but honestly—- I am scared of credit card T.T well probably I develop these feelings when my mom suffered from it. I know you’ll never get problems if you pay well but things happen that you don’t control and will affect things that will make you suffer T.T So yeah, as much as possible, I don’t want to use it. But my mom says it’s okay as long as you pay on time and somehow it is useful if you need something, you just have to control. I know I’m in control. (I’m actually a control freak when it comes to expenses. But will credit card affect me when I get use to this? O.O)

I’ve heard a lot of credit card stories and how people had to deal with it. Some are really brave to neglect it and forget their responsibilities, some are in panic whenever their due is coming. About my mom’s account, she wasn’t able to pay back when something came up and it affected us financially. It wasn’t her fault not because she neglects her responsibility but as I said before, things may happen you can’t control and that time, my mom’s account was greatly affected. 3 banks were always calling on her phone or our phone and it won’t just stop >.<

Now that I have my own credit card, I don’t know what to do XD As soon as I start using this I know an additional responsibility will be added. Everything’s gonna be okay as long as I pay on time right? Self-control is badly needed and keep tracking. So yeah, I think I’m gonna use very soon because there are important things I need to buy for myself and family, of course. HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry for ranting, first-timer here! >.< Well, feel free to give me advice 😀 I would really appreciate that 😀 

PS: Sorry for not blog hopping that much~ I’ve only got limited time but has lots of things to do T.T Hehehe~ hope’s everyone doing okay! See you at Bigbang concert if you’re coming!! 😀

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