Online Game: iDATE

Anyone here playing iDate?


I’m not actually an online gamer but this game took my curious attention XD  When my brother was using the computer and I was as asleep, I heard kpop songs. I thought my brother was listening to Kpop but I also hear the keyboard like smashing (he plays really intense XD) and I woke up and saw him just playing. It was a dancing game but using only your arrow keys.

I was, yeah, curious and ask him how, what and where. And then, I got myself an account XD


Yep, that’s my avatar XD

I think this game is just the same with Audition. I just don’t know what difference XD Well it’s a good game. You specially love it because of KPOP (the power of kpop! XD), as usual meet players, dance battle with them and so on. There is this called the hunting game where you look for a partner. Well, time goes by, you will get yourself a partner XD

Just simply hit the arrows and your good at dancing XD

At first I thought this was a dating simulation game. Nothing more or less. Because the title of game says so XD Well it is indeed slight in a way but you get to enjoy kpop and challenge yourself with the arrow keys. But I think most of the players are into relationship hunting. In my case, I just wanted to play. But I guess, I should play this part too. It’s just a game anyway, just trying have fun. XD

KPOP Song selection! Some are old, Gangnam Style is here too

You get to see players into dating too. One on One. Someone invites you or you invite them. Last Sunday was my first time to play this and I took the username “bklngpusa” (gay cat) and so, 5 players invited me on a date and their first question was always, “Bakla ka ba? (Are you gay?) HAHAHAHA! It was funny XD I tell them the truth I’m not but they won’t believe XD It’s so cool XD HAHAHA!

Players’ battle! 😀

I’m on my level three but I can’t still manage to follow the arrows properly. Some songs are REALLY REALLY HARD! I envy my brother because he’s really good and fast! XD I can only do better on 3 stars, 4 and above are too difficult for me. Still need some practice XD I’m always playing the Bigbang and Super Junior songs~ loving it so much 🙂

I might not be playing this for so long. As long as I’m still having fun maybe 🙂 If ever you play this too, let’s be friends 🙂 Heehee

Plugging my new blogmates <3: Aian Athena Bea Bee Dana Elilea Fiel-kun Pau | Also, welcome back to Jessica <3

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