The things I do…

Harooo! It’s sure been a while here XD Gomene– I have not updated again my blog for almost 2 weeks 🙁 I hope you guys are not on hiatus XD Anyways, I can say I am not that busy but I have lots of things to do. I always keep in mind to blog but I never did and missed those stories. I also missed the days of my 365 project 🙁 They’re not complete but I will still continue… : So what have I been doing really lately? O.O

  • Work – This is a compliance.
  • Sleep –  another compliance XD
  • Watch Kdrama/Jdrama – I HAVE BEEN! AND CANNOT STOP! >.< Well, I started @ Q10 and eventually stopped on Ep.2 and then my eyes caught Flower Boy Next Door WHICH IS STILL ON GOING AND I AM VERY EXCITED FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!! XD *Sorry for the capz, fangurl mode* But I shall finish Q10 for Takeru BB’s sake XD So whenever weekends came or I’m home on weekdays, I watched @ Dramacrazy and eventually missed the chance to blog =.=
  • Read Manga – Doujins or Original works, I read. A lot. 😀
  • DRAGON NEST – Well, I think I grew tired of iDate XD I am now playing and very addicted to this game! *WOOHOO* HAHAHAHA! This what took most of my time. I sometimes end up sleeping late or not sleeping at all specially on weekends XD I’m an online gamer! Woah! XD So anyone playing this game? I really like this game 😀

Server: Westwood
IGN: bklngpusa
Job: Academic | Engineer
Current Lvl: 32

           If your playing this game 🙂 Let’s be friends XD HAHAHAHA!

So have I been really busy? or just being bum? I kinda miss doing these things 🙁 I felt that this is just so me 🙁 Also, recently, I kinda felt left alone. I feel like there is no one. Which makes my every day boring. I guess I’m having friend issues =.=

Oh well, that’s life! Adios ;D

PS: I kinda hate tumblr posting method. I want the older one >.<

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