Otanjoubi Okasaaan~


Today I came home straight from work instead of going back in Dorm simply because, it’s my mom’s Special Day!

My mom never had a big birthday celebration like those a month preparation or more. She never had a grand celebration before that’s what she confessed when I was still in HS that’s why whenever we have our birthdays, she herself prepares for the party and all 🙂

She just turned 51 now and I remember before, I told myself that I will give her a real party. On her 50th. But things didn’t go well and ended up a simple celebration. Just like today too. I still hope to surprise her with a big celebration SOMEDAY. On her 52nd? 😀

The cake is as you can see from Tous Les Jours. Sounds French right but this is a Korean-owned 😀 This is my first time buying here. The unique cake designs caught my eyes and decided to buy a cake here 😀 It’s also very affordable and many cake designs to choose from 😀

The cake I bought is Chocolate Powder Cake 🙂 According the description: chocolate powder cake – light and moist belgian chocolate sponge cake filled with premium chocolate butter cream and sprinkled with heavenly cacao powder” – and this is just less than 500php 🙂

Tous les Jours is French for “Everyday”, which most aptly conveys the idea of freshly baked goods

“Tous les Jours” brand was launched in Korea in 1996 to give consumers a totally satisfying bakery experience. It launched an on-site production system for each store, which guarantees the quality of our fresh, delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients. Also, as a worldwide leader in the bakery industry with over 1,600 stores, Tous les Jours established Korea’s first, Internet-based Total Information System (TIS) for franchise operations; first bakery mileage card system for consumers; and modeled the development of multi-bakery shops to maximize the reach of its outlets. Through these and other services, Tous les Jours continues to be a step ahead in technology and service in the world bakery industry. Tous les Jours Philippines is part of AGC – www.iagc.ph

I’ve also tried their macaroons <3 It’s so chewy and delicious 😀 I will try their breads next time! 😀

Anyways, Happy Happy birthday to my ever beloved and my 1st best person in the world :D, Mom! Wish you all the best and more birthdays to come! I love you and God Bless! Enjoy your special day!

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