Fighting Dreamers!

Hello 🙂 It’s been a while since I last blog.

and yes, it’s because I don’t feel like blogging XD

Simply because I don’t have anything personal to update and I’m kinda lazy to make fandom post so yeah, I left for a while XD~ Sorry!

Anyways, here’s a quick update!!!


Last April 09, 2013, Naruto the move: Road to Ninja was shown all over SM Cinemas. And of course as a Narutards, I watched it yesterday with my dearest friend 😀

I honestly am not updated with the whole Naruto stories be it with Manga and Anime but I sure get some updates from people 🙂 I am still trying my best to catch up even if it will took me long but I will. FOR NARUTO’S SAKE! HAHAHAHA!

So we watched it and it was awesome.

The story *not too much spoiler if you haven’t* is about Naruto still missing his parents, envies people with family and so on. Madara reverse everything and change their lives. Comedy on all parts where everyone’s characteristics and attitudes changed XD The story has some real, heavy emotions here specially on Naruto’s past and on the on-going story 🙁 I almost cried 🙁 I wanna hug him 🙁 And indeed, Naruto is not just your anime-action-pack-fighting-ninjas, it has a story to tell, a lesson that could change our lives 🙂 Be Naruto. Nothing is impossible 😀

So that’s it 😀 I’m glad I watched it. I’m sorry but honestly, it’s been a long time since I last watch Naruto >.< I’m a bad Narutard >.< I will catch up!~ FIGHTING TO YOU ALL! 😀 Heehee~

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