Hello! I’ve been inactive for a month because of laziness XD It’s a serious disease that one cannot be cured at all. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, I’ve missed a lot of things to blog specially for June with so many things happen and will not go track back everything because It’ll be a novel if I do so XD

Anyways, I’m actually not that busy like before but yes, I’ve been lazy updating stuffs and all. I kinda get bored now in front of my pc, surfing and sometimes doing nothing XD I actually even got lots of movies/series to watch specially animes but I can’t seem to start watching them. LOL! I don’t know what’s going on, but yeah, I kinda wanted to be a bummer for some time XD

Anyways, the reason I’ve been inactive too was because I wanted to change layout first before I blog but I always ended up not doing it and instead, surf some random stuffs on the net XD and I’m kinda having a hard time getting some layout that suits my mood so it took me for a while to update XD *kinda lame, I know! it’s still in short I’m lazy! XD*

So these stuffs happens to you guys too aside from writer’s block? XD Well, I changed my layout today so here’s my update. The layout is soooo simple and I just use a Hyde avatar because I love the way he looks in his PV AHEAD <3 Hyde is still awesome! That’s why I love him. HAHAHAHA!

I will blog hop too to spread the word that I’m still alive! HAHAHAHA! Till next post 🙂

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A rotten Fujoshi. KPOP Trash. Anime and Nendoroids. Hinata Shouyo's Mom.

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