It’s all about the Money


No, I’m not here to talk how to have an easy money nor to talk about investments XD but the topic is still about money.

We all know that money controls our everyday lives. Let’s admit it. MONEY IS REALLY IMPORTANT and without it, you’ll definitely suffer.

That’s why we work very hard to earn it and save it as best as we could. But you know, when you’re really are in deep shit situation and your money isn’t really enough, you can, yes, borrow money. From who? Banks, Financial Companies, Random people who offers loan with interest or the best choice, your friends or relatives.

I admit, I do borrow money, and I’ve seen my mom do the same thing. She borrowed money for what? For us to survive. BUT— she makes sure, she could pay everything back, even though it’s late and she’s having a hard time, she still pays and finishes her loan. Why? Because it’s a responsibility to give back what you have borrowed! Likewise for me.

I honestly hate people who just run off leaving their debts behind, worst if you guarantor that person. I AM IN A SITUATION LIKE THIS NOW AND I’M FUCKING PISSED OFF OF HER LEAVING EVERYTHING BEHIND!

Yes, this person have loaned and I guarantor. She said it was for her family that she badly needs it. I’m feel pity, lend her the money and then she’s gone. I mean, she fucking left our company without a notice! And this is a big problem because I have to fucking pay her loan even though it’s not mine! I also have my own money problems here and now she’s adding burden to me! FVCK! REALLY!

I am mad. REALLY MAD about this. She left without a notice and then when I approached her team regarding about her contacts, they can’t give me any accurate information, WHY?! Because she herself don’t give them her accurate information! Like for example, she uses so many celphone numbers and her home address is always different. AND ONE MORE THING I LEARNED ABOUT HER—- I WASN’T ALONE.

It was just not me who she borrowed money and left but there are also LOTS of people who came in and look for her regarding her loan. OKAY! SHE’S SOMETHING! Is this under your job description too?! How expert you are to get money from people?! I can sense that she needs money not just for her family but also for her personal desires. I’ve heard a lot of stories of her regarding her ‘other’ loans which really pisses me more off!

I can’t believe how thick-skinned she can be. Smiling and being friendly everyday to people who you are indebted to like you don’t have anything to them. I’m really pissed off! Like, my parents, they’re looking for ways to pay up everything, even though it’s hard, they keep on working hard everyday, and then these people, they’re fine with it. Even though they put burden to others as long as they can enjoy >.< FVCK!!!

I found her facebook today and I message her. I expect of course no response because why she would be?! She have already run away. But I did say what I have to say to her.

Dear Friend,

You left me without a notice! Will you give me some consideration like what I did to you? Will you pity on me like I did as you beg me before to lend you the money? Will you have the conscience to talk to me regarding this matter? Running won’t solve everything. It will hunt you till the very end. Face your consequences and be human.

Your friend, Bhebots Master

And because I am really angered by her, I really wanted to drop her name here or put the link of her FB, I DON’T FUCKING CARE but….. no…. – I’LL JUST LEAVE EVERYTHING TO PAPA GOD. HE WILL DO THE JUSTICE. (maybe in FB 😀 BWAHAHAHA! *insertevilplanhere*

Okay, so in my opinion, what we need here is real discipline. These money are not just money, they came from the hard work which we have to value. You need to change now Miss, You’re just ruining yourself!

PS: They said she already has a new work. A WORD OF ADVICE TO THE NEW PEOPLE WHO WILL BE AROUND MS. A.C.P — BE CAREFUL!!

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