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So let’s see… Last post was August, so it’s been almost 2 months! XDD Kekekeke~ What happen? I don’t know either XD

So yeah, this is still alive. I am just really lazy updating my blog. Aside from being busy, I’m thinking a lot of things and I can’t focus so much XD Anyways, I don’t want to miss to blog these stuffs (actually it’s already late) but here the things that happen a month before 🙂 Just to keep you updated that I am still alive. HAHAHA! (Well, I’m more active in facebook, twitter and instagram, you might have already seen it you’re following me 😀

1. DONDAY: Korean Restaurant

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged here about the “HallyuChingus” but oh well, these young ladies are my new found friends from work (though we’re all from different projects/teams) and they are all KPOP Lovers like me! XD I’m really happy to meet them all because I now know I’m not alone in fantasizing about KPOP Idols XD We named our underground group as HallyuChingus 🙂 I found them thru our company’s private social networking site 😀 Hehehee~

So we had an EB, grand EB I must say and we ate in DONDAY. It’s a Korean Restaurant with unlimited Samgyeopsal <3 It was my first time and I love it! Feeling so Korean XD CHOS! XD We also had a cake too celebrate Donghae’s, Henry’s, Zelo’s birthdays and B2ST Anniversary XD (We’re not really into KPOP XD Sorry XD) Overall it was really fun meeting them and eating Korean food (except that I have to be picky because I don’t eat spicy foods :c) and talking a lot of KPOP <3 For sure more to come and we expect to meet more of us in the future 😀 Heehee~ Fighting!


I GOT MY HAIR BLUEEEEEEE!!!! <3 AHAHAHAHA! Well, not the whole hair. (I’d be kick out of work if I did XD) Remember the bleach part before? Yep, that’s it. I really want to have the blue hair (actually the whole hair but I can’t X3) so I finally achieve it! ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) <3 This is also my preparation for the upcoming SS5 Concert on 24th! HAHAHAHA! OH YEAH!!!! Well, a little bad news, I think I over colored my hair XD HAHAHA! and It became really dry, frizzy and easily break 🙁 Oh well, after the concert, I will cut my hair short! HAHAHA!

3. COSMANIA 2013 DAY 2

So not only KPOP friends but I also met friends who are into Anime, Manga and Cosplays XD I attended CosMania 2013, Day 2 last October 6, 2013 and I cosplayed Jubei of BlazBlue XD (the yellow one, original character is the banner above :D). I can say this would be my second cosplay ‘coz the first one was Luffy (if you remember XD) but this is my first time to cosplay in an Anime event and yeah, it was kind of fun 😀 The girl beside me is a new found friend from work also XD She’s the one who encouraged me to cosplay with her and I agreed XD HAHAHA! She’s an experienced cosplayer so I enjoyed every moment of it 😀 Well, I’m planning to go for another one! XD HAHAHA! So watch out for it XD

Well, I was kinda disappointed with the costume though. Looking for a dressmaker is hard =.= I wish I could sew 🙁 But luckily I found one 2 weeks before the event and then I gave e v e r y   s i n g l e   d e t a i l  I want to see on the costume but it didn’t work. I almost backed-out that time because it seems fail to me but nahh, I still go (and my friend was really expecting me XD) and I’m thankful that I had fun 😀

So that’s it 😀 I don’t want to miss blogging these stuffs, RLY. Anyways, I’ll be back for my SS5 concert update! YAY! AHAHAHAHA!

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