Movie Review: Conjuring 2

Disclaimer: So I’m not gonna tell the whole story just in case you haven’t watch Conjuring 2 yet. But, I do recommend it. The story is good, the ending is a bit dramatic and collective screaaaaammmsss!! So thumbs up for this movie 😀 AND—- I won’t be posting anything scary so this is WORK SAFE! XDDD

So yesterday, with my friends we watched Conjuring 2 🙂 If you haven’t watched Conjuring 1, please do so but it has no connection at all but it’s good if we watch the sequel for better understanding of the characters. (imo)

20160618_184938Our obligatory Conjuring Selfie XDDD

So Patrick Wilson (Insidious Series) and Vera Farmiga (The Orphan) reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren, the husband and wife paranormal experts and demonologist. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re truth to life paranormal investigators and since Conjuring 1, it’s all about their real life story cases 🙂 I have been fond with them since because I find them very cool and they have this Occult Museum where the infamous Annabelle doll is in their possession XD If you’re interested, read their wiki and find their website here.

MK2_2743.dngVera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as Lorraine and Ed Warren.

The story starts with excerpts from their case with the Amityville Murders. Yes, it’s the movie which has many version and one of the famous and most controversial cases of the couple. It’s the same with Conjuring 1 that they’ve also put Annabelle’s story which has a little connection to the main case. I guess it’s the “Conjuring’s trademark” to make connections of different stories. Well anyway, it’s not that bad and it do really has connection with the main case as you watch further 😀

99974713conjuring2-xlarge_trans++_R77RNgmPXudI0Y56vZGcBs7uvEDvCIV1FUtG-b96zYPeggy (mom), Janet (2nd daughter) and Margaret (1st daughter)

So for Conjuring 2, it’s the story of Hodgson’s Family experiencing a malevolent disturbance in their home. It’s known as the Enfield Poltergeist during 1970’s from Ed and Lorraine’s record case. So in this picture, the middle girl’s the one experiencing the possession.

She comes being possessed by an old man named Bill Wilkins and keep babbling “this is my house and I want you to get out.” Kinda typical for a selfish type of ghost though XD Anyways, what I like about are the scenes every night where basically is the highlight why this movie is a real shit scary. Specially when Janet is being all alone dealing with the ghost and gramps just popped out of nowhere scaring the shit out of you XDDD

After scaring you, there’s are funny moments that can make you back-up from screaming. I like that. At least it’s not all pure scare. (watch it so you’ll know what I mean :D)


And then they go ask help from the couple, of course same as Conjuring 1. But apparently in the movie, Lorraine’s psychic powers isn’t working at all and you’ll wonder if the family’s faking it or not. Media has all over in this case and they’ve even ask for recordings and interviews with the family. It’s quite unusual that the poltergeist is so visible even with people, cameras and recordings around. It’s like he’s really seeking attention but what’s more unusual is this poltergeist  has a plan. LOL! That on the latter, you’ll know how, what, and when that happen 🙂

99974451conjuring_2-xlarge_trans++gsaO8O78rhmZrDxTlQBjdGtT0gK_6EfZT336f62EI5UMadison Wolfe as Janet Hodgson. She’s so good her acting is real convincing.

So the ending’s a bit dramatic. I know for sure it’s not the same ending from the real Enfield case. The spine-chillings have gone as soon they’ve realize the true intentions though but I guess it was okay, to make it a bit dramatic for the couple. It was OKAY.

That’s it! Enough for the story telling and I would really like you to watch it. Especially if you’re a fan of horror genres 😀 It’s still recommended 😀 This is still showing in SM Cinemas so grab a friend and watch it now! HAHAHA!


Trivia: I just notice this but I guess the director’s trying to do a puzzle solving mystery thingy but the demon’s name can already be seen before Lorraine’s Exorcism XD If you’re into details. You’ll definitely notice! XD I find this somewhat cool 😀

So anyone’s up for Conjuring 3? XDDD

Watch the trailer here:

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  1. This movie seems so interesting! Unfortunately, I’m absolutely terrible when it comes to everything horror…

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