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Last week, my team at work ate at KAYA Korean Restaurant. Every month we have team lunch out and for this month I am the one organizing so I have to look for a restaurant that could cater my team. I honestly wasn’t looking for anything Korean or Japanese just to match with my own interest but KAYA was happened to be available and convenient to us XD

  • It’s very near our workplace
  • Haven’t tried yet by the team since it’s newly established.
  • Very affordable. We only have 300php budget and KAYA happens to offer it.

Yup, I didn’t chose it because it’s Korean though it’s a plus to me. HAHAHAHA!

KAYA is a Korean Restaurant. Not sure where KAYA word came from (might be a name or something). It basically offers the well-known dishes of Korea like Bulgogi and Bibimbap.

The price is very affordable that starts at the lowest of 200+ for you to be filled. Check out their menu for your reference 🙂

Since the team are not yet very familiar with Korean thingy except me who is obviously a fan, I recommended them to try the Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap since I believe it somehow have resemblance with Filipino taste XD

Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap – P290

So almost all of the team ordered Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap. The serving is great. Enough to fill you and taste is okay like yeah, good enough 🙂 The stone pot keeps everything hot until you finish so you better keep on mixing. It comes as well with a soup. The soup is good too 😀 (refer to my featured picture for the soup)

So of course, the usual, they serve us the side dishes. I’m not really a fan of Kimchi but it’s good to add all of these on your Bulgogi Dolsot Bibimbap. It adds more flavor and becomes yummier 🙂

Yup, my spoonful of Bibimbap 😀

There are others who tried other menu than Bibimbap 🙂

This is Bulgogi Deopbab, P280— This seems like our Rice and Tapa? XD
Others didn’t want to do mixing and the hot stone pot so they just ordered Bulgogi, P250 and Rice, P50. The serving for me is small so not good for sharing XDDD
This is Sewu Twigim or like Tempura of Japan, P240. They’re quite big but for me I think not good for sharing too XD

I wasn’t able to take actual pictures of some orders XDDD

  • Chicken Katsu, P290 – Katsu like in Japan right? The serving is quite big specially the Chicken 🙂
  • Yukgejang, P300 – This is a Spicy Beef and Vegetable soup and it comes with Rice. My office mate told me that this is so good and serving is great. Probably better if you’re drinking with Soju~ XD but of course I wouldn’t know since I’m not a fan of spicy foods XD
  • Haemul Ramyun, P210 – They only have 2 Ramyun menu. This is their spicy noodles with fish and rice cakes. My manager ordered this since she’s a fan or Ramen. Quite good according to her. Serving is big and really spicy!

Final Thoughts:

  • KAYA Korean Restaurant had my first with a very good impression. It has that Korean ambiance as well so not your basic Korean fast-food like Bonchon or Kyochon 🙂 There are lots of Koreans eating here too so probably this is owned by a Korean as well? 😀
  • The staffs are very accommodating! I had our orders in advance and the next day, we’re all prepared. We had no problems with them so BGC branch has a very good customer service so far 🙂
  • Affordable! *thumbs up*
  • The single orders were said good for sharing, but I don’t think so XD Probably because I’m a person with a really big appetite, that size of good for sharing isn’t enough.

Overall, the experience was great. I enjoyed it since me is a big fan of anything Korean. AHAHAHAHA! I don’t know the others but hope they are too and you could try this and share your thoughts with me 🙂

Address: 31st Street cor 2nd Avenue, 2nd floor, BGC Stopover Pavilion, Bonifcaio Global City, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila

Will I eat here again? Yeah, sure why not. But my choices are limited to non-spicy menu only XDDD AHAHA!

PS: They have this BUDE CHIGE which I’ve seen in Korean Dramas. It’s a spicy stew with noodles, ham, sausages, rice cakes etc. and if it’s not spicy I will definitely try this! *cries*

So to complete my lunch, I joined my manager to have Korean Dessert in Hobing 😀 since it’s also around the Area (BGC Stopover). I ordered this Coffee Caramel Bingsu since I haven’t tried this one yet 🙂 I’ve been to Hobing for almost 4 times now and I do really like their Bingsu, not can I say more! 😀

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “KAYA Korean Restaurant

  1. I was going to ask where it’s located but then got to the end of your post and saw BGC. It’s way too far from me 🙁 (I’m from the north, SM City North 😂)
    I love how affordable it is and it seems delish! I particularly would like to try the Bulgogi Deopbab, Would love to travel to BGC just to eat there 😊

    1. I’m actually from the north too 😀 but my workplace is in Taguig 🙂 Heehee~
      Yap, there’s a lot of restos around here that I want to try! 😀 Try and come around sometime with friends 🙂

  2. Your photos are amazing. <3 That bingsu looks delicious. OMG I also have a big appetite. haha Among all the food you have posted, I wanna try the ramyeon since I love spicy food.

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