One Ok Rock Ambitions Tour in Manila

TALK ABOUT POST-CONCERT DEPRESSION!!!! I’m so into them that I want to see more πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ Please comeback soon okay? πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

So One Ok Rock came back again after 2 years. It’s their 2nd visit here in the Philippines and I am not going to miss this chance to see them again and YES I DID! Though I wasn’t able to get VIP (which I regret). My wallet only can afford upperbox this time. They have became expensive!!! HAHAHA! Well, I can see why they have of course πŸ˜€

My view from Upperbox

I’m so far from Taka-babes but I can manage. As long as I can see them perform live I am happy! HAHAHAHA! Honestly, this 2nd visit wasn’t really sold-out. Probably because it’s on Monday and everyone’s got work and school. Lucky are those who can manage to watch tho it’s weekdays. But that’s okay, it was still filled with a lot of people and just so you know, the performance was so lit!

And since because I was in Upperbox, I don’t have decent near-the-artist pictures so please bear with this kind of view XD Let’s talk about their stage and lights production! Everything improved from their first visit. If I remember, there were no led screens as their background. It was just a piece of cloth with their logo 35XXX. So this time, the production was really well-prepared and I fucking love it!

Look at that background! This was during their Bedroom Warfare performance! I was mesmerize while going crazy on their perf. Ahhh,—- I love them so much XD

Y’all! Another thing that was amazing is how beautiful their cameramen captures the live performance. If they’re gonna release a special DVD of PH Tour, I am so buying it! XDD Anyways, I’m sorry for the grainy pic but honestly, during that part, it was really beautiful πŸ˜€


  1. Ambitions Intro
  2. Bombs Away
  3. Deeper Deeper
  4. Taking Off
  5. Cry Out
  6. Re:Make
  7. Clock Strikes
  8. Bedroom Warfare
  9. Wherever You Are
  10. One Way Ticket
  11. Bon Voyage
  12. I Was King
  13. Take What You Want
  14. The Beginning
  15. Mighty Long Fall
  16. We Are
  17. American Girls (Encore)
  18. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (Encore)

Honestly, Taking Off and Cry Out weren’t my fave. They are just okay songs but when they played it live, I FELL INLOVE XDDDD Hearing it live was so much better than the singles XD

They didn’t sang Heartache and was hoping for Hard to Love and Listen but I’m still glad they sang The Beginning and Wherever You Are which is my all time favorite <3<3<3


  • THEY SPOKE TAGALOG!!! It was really funny and I love their effort! Thank you very much! XDD
  • Ryota didn’t took off his shirt. LOL. (yes, too bad for ryota-stans XDD)
  • MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ON CIRCLE PIT FAAAMMM! I hope Taka saw and was happy about it πŸ˜€
  • When they perform American Girls, Taka changed it to Philippine Girls I’m—- in love again XDDD AHAHAHA!

THANK YOU!!! PLEASE COMEBACK SOON!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Thanks to PULP as well for bringing them back πŸ™‚

It was awesome! I will definitely watch again if they comeback next year or next next year! And I’m gonna make sure I’m back to VIP! Looking forward on your new album as well! Thank you and God Bless! More Powers!! Rock ‘en Roll m/m/

IG Stories!! πŸ˜€ Please excuse my screaming, excited voice XD Sorry also for my singing. I know it’s ugly but I don’t care XDDD
Β PPS: I also created a playlist of their setlist in Spotify πŸ™‚ Feel free to follow specially if you’re on PCD like me XDPS: Check out my IG Stories to see a little how it goes πŸ™‚ How awesome they are and how crazy I have become XD Nyahahaha! Excuse my voice in the background. Yes, you have been warned! XD

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “One Ok Rock Ambitions Tour in Manila

  1. Hey there! It was fun reading this entry. I once again remembered how I flailed during the concert lol.

    Actually, I also thought that the reasons for this concert not being sold out were the pricey tickets and its schedule. I wasn't able to take a leave, so I was still having a concert hangover when I went to work the following day. ;;

    I agree with the production, though! The LED screen and lights were awesome, and I bet we (who are far from the stage) appreciate it more because we see the whole thing.

    1. WAAAAHHHH YES!!! DEFINITELY! XD It was hard but I have to let go XD I will be waiting for this band again to comeback! Thanks!!! <3

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