When in Marinduque

Last last week I went out of town with my colleagues to Marinduque.

Marinduque is just a small island and labeled as the heart of the Philippines since it shaped like a human heart and located in the middle of the Philippines. I honestly am interested to go to this island though I haven’t really heard anything you can do around here. Well, I just want a little adventure after our month-end XD

So we decided to go to Tres Reyes Island adventure where you can do island hopping on 3 islands and enjoy the beaches.

We departed Friday night and barged on boat by 11pm. It was a 4-hour boat ride and the weather wasn’t really cooperative that time but of course we still continue. Then we arrive at Marinduque port around 4am, road a jeep to Gasan where our lodging was. It was an hour drive reaching that place. Around 5am we reached our lodging and was welcomed by a very friendly land lady 🙂

Panoramic Lodging
Beautiful Garden~
Good Morning Marinduque!

The lodging was overlooking by the sea! It was so beautiful! I was in awe and immediately those hours of travel went away. It was relaxing and really beautiful 🙂 The Tres Reyes Islands was just ahead so it’s really convenient we took this lodging if we’re gonna do the Tres Reyes Island hoping 🙂

We took a couple of hours of rest before heading to island hoping (meaning sleep, prepare food, and relax).

Day 1: Heading out for island hopping!
Our lodging house as we set off.

And so we set off on our “island hopping”. But this adventure honestly frustrates me as there is no island hopping happend but only Island viewing. It was an hour boat ride going to the farthest island and the weather again wasn’t cooperating and so we didn’t drop and check the first 2 islands. They said we can’t dock because it’s high tide and waves are really scary so for safety we just pass by them 🙁 That was kinda sad… We should just head straight on the nearest island to save time.

Tres Reyes Island

So we only passed by Baltazar and Melchor but we were able to enjoy the beach in Gaspar Island.

Beach in Gaspar Island

Crystal-clear beach

I can say Gaspar Island, though small and you really got nothing to do but swim, is another hidden gem of the Philippines. The beach is crystal-clear. I just hate that this isn’t a sandshore but a shellshore so you need your beach shoes if you go swimming. I would definitely appreciate this more if the weather wasn’t that bad. But it’s still beautiful. There wasn’t much people around (knowing that it’s weekend or maybe because it’s not yet summer). And probably only few knew about this place.

Around 3pm we pack out and went back to our lodging. That’s just everything that happened on our Day 1. We should have known about the island hopping thing wasn’t successful, we have planned differently. LOL!

Cozy breakfast over-looking by the beach 🙂

So Day 2 is our city tour. As usual, the weather became even worst. It was raining the whole day 😦but that doesn’t stops everything. Adventure must go on! XDDD

City Tour: St. Joseph Parish
Hot Spring…?

So the landlady brag something about this hot spring and I was excited about it so we included this on our Day 2 itinerary.

Hotspring Resort?

It wasn’t the “Hotspring” I had in my mind and kinda frustrated with that. It was a hotspring resort. It wasn’t really that hot like the one I’m expecting. I thought it was a pool of boiling hot spring but naaahh, there’s this only part where it’s hot but the over all of the pool, it was just warm. Yes, just like those in Pansol, Laguna XDDD

Elephant Island

No, not an island full of Elephants but the island is shaped as an Elephant. I didn’t see the actual shape of it but maybe in top-view? Anyways, FYI, that island is super expensive so we are very fine just seeing it like this XDD

We stumbled upon this bridge and stopped by to take a picture. Got a chance to take this one since there are only few cars that passed by 🙂


like this picture so much. Help me caption this XD
Torrijos White Beach

Next was the Torrijos White Beach which is quite famous for it’s white sand beach but unfortunately… it was raining so hard 😦 and like again I said, adventure must go on! We somehow manage to enjoy ourselves even though it’s raining 🙂


First time to do kayaking which I enjoyed! I’ll do it again with a better weather next time! 😀

Sir Moriones! Thank you for accommodating us 🙂

Had a chance as well to see and take a selfie on this huge Moriones statue. Marinduque is also very well-known on their Moriones Festival which is celebrated during Holy Week 🙂

Pasalubong time!

If you’re going to buy “Pasalubong” try to drop here in Rejano’s. They’re the original maker of arrowroot cookies 🙂 and yeah, for some reasons, I didn’t buy much but I spent 1k for only pasalubong XDD

OVERALL VERDICT: It was an okay trip. There are lots of frustrations and expectation but I’m glad we’re safe and manage to enjoy everything. If it wasn’t for the weather, everything would be great tho. Coming back? Of course! I need to see Marinduque the 2nd time around 🙂

That’s all for my early summer getaway! Thanks for reading 🙂

PS: My officemate’s husband took videos via his drone. It was so cool and I’m sharing it here for you to see 🙂

PPS: Check out my IG Stories. I already highlighted there my journey to Marinduque 🙂IG@baklangpusa

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