First March 2018 Update!

Hello! Just wanna do a quick update! Time flies so fast and now it’s March! Time for summer getaways and vacation~ I’m have some already but still finalizing the plans we don’t hope it’ll be all drawing XD

So yeah, what’s up today? I’ve been editing for a whole day but I don’t think I progress much on what I’m doing. Recently, I was told by my host that she’ll officially taking down her site and so I have to look for another host site for my blog.

Seems not a problem but it is for me! XD I don’t know anyone who host for free anymore (I’m thankful for the years I’ve been your hostee and patiently keeping up with me! Thank you!) So I’m kinda torned between switching on Tumblr or Blogger.

I’m very much use to tumblr but tumblr is not for blogging like this. It’s more of like sharing images/arts and then reblogs.

So I guess I’m gonna try Blogger for now? Seems okay and has an easy way around 🙂 Though I really love wordpress but I won’t be able to use my domain name unless I paid for their basic package 🙁 *sobs* or unless I can get hosted again for free? Or I buy my own web hosting somewhere else XD But now I’m broke af so web hosting isn’t my priority for now… Maybe some time soon 🙂

I guess for the meantime, this will be my new home. Seems okay I guess 🙂

PS: One thing I don’t like in blogger is their commenting system if you know what I mean comparing it to wordpress XD

4 thoughts on “First March 2018 Update!

  1. I know there are still people who host for free. I'd go around our older blog/anime people who are still online, and see who they are hosted by. I see people offering hosting for free here and there. 🙂
    There's also always

    Hiro x

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