My S7 Died Story

Photo image when he was still new way back 2016 😀 Wow! It’s been 2 years! XD

I’m talking about my current phone Samsung S7 flat and as the title says, yes, it died 2 weeks ago and I was in a desperate situation of breaking down emotionally and mentally XD

Well, have you ever had that something in your life that you always use or always with you every single day and then suddenly it’s gone or became useless? And then you suddenly felt really depress, desperate and almost break down because you can’t afford to replace or fixed it asap?


For one week, I thought I’m gonna be okay without my phone with me while my mom went for it to get it fixed but I really felt hopeless and depress knowing I don’t have it with me and the usual things I do with it cannot be done for a while. Makes me really anxious and annoyed at the same time. I was desperate too to buy a new one but I’m so torn with my adult responsibilities from my wants. Yeah, beats the hell out of me for overthinking and being negative that it won’t get fixed and will take me a long time to buy a new one XD

Well, short story goes, I went on a swimming outing and for some reasons I often use my phone on swimming pools because it’s “water-resistant” like what you see on their ads they dip down the phone and it’s still okay. So yeah, the phone is almost two years from me and I’m pretty confident it’s really okay with water since I’ve done it several times but this day, it hanged and blacked out. Result was it short-circuited that’s why it died.

So what I did before was put it on a rice for 2 days but didn’t really helped since it short-circuited. My mom suggested to bring it to someone who could fix but not in Samsung Center since it will deeply cost me much more that you’ll just choose to buy a new phone. I said to mom my budget is only 3k for it to get fixed, if it exceeds that budget, I’ll just buy a new phone and THANKFULLY, for 3k I had it fixed and is now alive.

I saved my phone, I save some money though I was still out of budget XD So now I’m back to normal XD I honestly didn’t know that losing my phone for a week feels like a torment. I feel like I’m on drugs and on withdrawal period. It hurts so much that I can’t let go. I even told myself a new phone will help me recover. I was so impatient and annoyed XD so really, WOW~ mobile phones really affects me XD

So do you have that material thing you can’t let go to? I know looks so low but that was really the effect on me XD

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “My S7 Died Story

  1. Glad you S7 got fixed.

    I’m not really that attached to my phone. If it gets broken, I’m just gonna buy a new one. XD

    I guess if our PC got broken, I’m gonna freakout. Lol.

    Sorry I couldn’t host you anymore :/ I’m only running on free service atm.

    1. YAY! Welcome baaaaccckkk!!! That’s okay 🙂 It’s good to see you back blogging tho 😀 Keep blogging!

      I was kinda okay when my PC broke down~ kasi may phone pa ako so medyo hindi ka paralyze sa cyberworld XD But when my phone died for a week and I still don’t have my own pc. I totally freaked out. Parang pinutulan ako ng paa at di na ako makalad XD plus I feel so saw with my games :((( it hurts to miss days not playing XD HAHAHAHA!

  2. It sucks when that happens and you don’t have any backup and if my phone died, I would freak. I love the hell out of my phone but I am happy you got it fixed.

  3. Congratulations for getting it fixed. It’s really hard to move around these days without a mobile phone especially when you’re very used to it.

  4. I’m glad you were able to get your phone fixed and within your budget! I have a feeling I’d feel the same way if I had to go without my phone for several days. It’s unfortunate how addicting it is! Even if I leave it at home by accident for a day, it feels super weird. Sometimes I try to control the addiction by using apps to stop myself from checking my phone for hours. My computer is another addiction!

  5. OMG that experience sounds terrible! I think I would feel the same way as you if my phone or any other gadget breaks down. I use my phone every day and I just feel weird without it! And of course, my laptop is another one of my daily necessities so I definitely don’t want to lose it. Ever. HAHAHA! Anyway, it’s a great thing that you got your phone fixed within your budget! I agree, don’t ever go to official service centers if you want to save money lol.

  6. I’m not that attached to my phone yet. But if something similar happened to me, I would be like “Oh gosh. All my data and 2FA apps!”
    I would properly try to get it fixed because of the data. But hey, it is a good excuse to get a new phone too.

  7. 3k is still a lot, girl (I’m a cheapskate lol) but I’m glad you had it fixed! 😀 It seems like it’s very sentimental and valuable.
    I, for one, have lost around three phones maybe? One of them is through being dipped in water too. It was one of Samsung’s older flagship models and thank god for warranty!
    I’m glad you got your phone back so you won’t have to go through the trouble of buying a new one and restoring back-ups 🙂

  8. Buti naayos pa. Last time, na-deadz din phone ko. Di ako mapakali haha. Took 1 month to repair. Had to buy a spare phone para di maloka. 🤣

  9. I HATE having to buy a new phone. I held on to my junker until it got to be such a pain… loading so slow, not letting me answer calls, freezing all the time. haha I don’t like the way they do phones either. I miss when you could spend a set amount with a plan and now you have to sign your life away to make monthly payments. Bleh!
    I do love my S8 though. I’m always sticking the the Samsungs. ♥
    Thank Goodness you were able to fix your phone. 🙂

  10. My iphone is 3 years old and it has really needed to be replaced. I just can’t afford it or justify it just yet. Sigh, I am super obsessed with my phone as well.

    Weird how we’ve become to dependent on them!!! I am sooo glad you got it fixed!

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