Pre-hearts day~

xiandesu: Hello! An accomplishment for 2nd entry for February XD Yeeey!!~ anyways, last Saturday, I received an email. It was from someone who are responsible for new hires and the email was entitled was “Regularization Letter.” I feel so relieved!!!! <3 Thank you!!! <3 Also, last saturday, our team had an event. It was a […]

Missed Me?

Missed Me? xiandesu: Yes! I know! I’m very sorry for not updating my blog for what? A month! Right! XD! So Sorrryyy!!! I’ve been busy with work. A lot. Keeps me busy everyday. And so many things to do. It’s like I’ve been in school because my work has set of activities aside from the […]


xiandesu: (I can’t think of any appropriate title so let’s just go with the date in Japanese XD) Hello all! I’m here again. Kinda busy with work that’s why I can’t blog. Anyways, last Saturday, we had our monito-monita. We used code names so you wouldn’t know who’s who. Some had really funny code names. Mine […]

xian desu~!: Hello Blog!

xian desu~!: Hello Blog! xiandesu: Yes! Finally I’m back to blogging business! I realize how I miss blogging so much after my blog @ kettobase died. Anyways, IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK! XD So this is just a quick post since I need to look for my fellow bloggers, (I don’t have back-ups) and edit […]