Cosplay Carnival 2017 D-1

Hobbies, Japanese

Hello Everyone! Last Saturday I went to Cosplay Carnival with my dear friend Bhelle and CJ to meet and pursue our planned Touhou Project cosplay group. This time we met new fellow Touhou cosplayers and real avid fans 😀 Though Bhelle and I haven’t really played the game and have a little knowledge about it […]

March 27, 2017

Halloween 2016

Hobbies, Work

Hi everyone! It’s been a while. I know, I just got back from blogging but I suddenly went on hiatus for a month. Sorry XD So many things happen and I don’t know how to sort things out. So many things I wanted to blog but priorities are taking over. And my PC brokedown 🙁 […]

November 6, 2016

CosMania’14 D-2: Freya Crescent


I was suppose to blog about this right after the con but was so dead tired and I’ve got work the day after so it got a bit late to blog XD But still it’s a must to blog everything because of my happiness and excitement XD Please be ready for a long, picture heavy […]

October 12, 2014

102113 UPDATE


So let’s see… Last post was August, so it’s been almost 2 months! XDD Kekekeke~ What happen? I don’t know either XD So yeah, this is still alive. I am just really lazy updating my blog. Aside from being busy, I’m thinking a lot of things and I can’t focus so much XD Anyways, I […]

October 21, 2013

Cosplay themed Anniversary


For the first time in my life, I portrayed an Anime character instead of dressing up something Japanese-y ヽ(;▽;)ノ My team celebrated our 9th Anniversary of delivering High Performance yesterday, July 20, 2013 just within the building and we have a Cosplay Themed party! (`・ω・´)” As I said before, yeah it was my first time […]

July 20, 2013